Heems – “Computers”

Though Relax just came out, here’s a quick joint from Das Racist’s Heems, and the subject matter is computers, an obvious fascination for the group (See: “I’m on the Internet ’cause I’m an Internet thug“). The song, which is produced by Mike Finito and samples ELO’s “Yours Truly, 2095,” will be featured on Heems’s upcoming mixtape alongside “Swate,” “Womyn” and his “NYC Cops” re-interpretation from our Stroked comp. Check it out “Computers” at Nehru Jackets and if you want something to read while checking out the music, the Das Racist fan fiction that Heems commissioned on Craigslist over the weekend is worthy. An excerpt:

“May I ask how you all got your rap names?’

“What’s a rap name?” Heems replies.

“Well, I suppose Heems is self explanatory. But Kool A.D. for example. Dapwell? I’ve also heard you refer to yourself as Young Cocoa Butter.”

“Yo I can’t reveal the specificities dawg, but I prayed mad hard to Rakim and he sent me on a vision quest and- I’ve said to much.” Heems buries his head into the tri-folding menu.

“It’s like bung-bung! You already know.” White folk around glance at Victor when he raises his voice.

Dapwell simply holds out his closed hand toward Chad, “Terrorist fist-bump.”


The Nehru Jackets mixtape is out 1/1/2012. Das Racist members Kool AD (Victor Vazquez) and Dapwell (Ashok Kondabolu) will also release solo mixtapes that day.

[Photo of Himanshu Suri’s dad, which may or may not be the Nehru Jackets mixtape album cover.]

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