Stream Rwake Rest

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that you’re a longtime Mastodon fan who streamed their new album The Hunter today and found yourself wondering what the hell these guys were doing. Let’s just say you’re fiending for an ambitious Southern sludge-metal album that actually has some hunger and ferocity to it. Well, as it happens, you’re in luck. Arkansas shit-stompers Rwake have a new album called Rest, and it’s huge and monolithic and gnarled and fearsome. Three of its six songs exceed 10 minutes, but the band’s multi-part epics never lose sight of the whole whomping-ass thing. It’s a great metal album, and it’s streaming in full right now on Rwake’s Bandcamp page. So go listen to it.

Rest is out 9/27 on Relapse, and it’s the best metal album I’ve heard all year.

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