Jenny Lewis Appreciation Day

Yeah, I know you’ve been listening to them for years… But for the others who discover new music only through The O.C.

After stints with Barsuk and Saddle Creek, today Rilo Kiley trade on their indie pop pedigree with More Adventurous. The polished production and copious horns and strings suit them. Jenny’s got one of those really cute voices that’s like an 8 on a scale of preciousness (10 being Gwen Stefani, 1 being Tom Waits). I could listen to her sing the phone book. Though I prefer to listen to her sing “Any asshole could open a museum, put all of the things he loves on display…” (from “It’s A Hit”).

More Adventurous is the album that made me stop thinking of them as that-band-with-the-girl-from-Troop-Beverly-Hills-and-the-guy-from-Boy-Meets-World and start recognizing their pop smarts and huge commercial potential.

“Portions For Foxes” is the obvious candidate for radio play. Do they play that on the radio? I’m sure we’ll see it in a WB show this fall. You can stream that track along with two other cuts here.

“Does He Love You” has a really sweet melody that sounds instantly familiar. Download a live version (courtesy of Greetings In Braille: A Blake Sennett Fansite) and listen to a story about sweating someone else’s baby daddy.

So, if you buy one CD this week you won’t be disappointed.

I’ve never seen them live, but hopefully that will change this fall (free tickets please). RK play Bowery Ballroom with Tilly and the Wall and Now It’s Overhead on 10/7 and 10/8.

Also this is my new wallpaper.

Sorry, but I don’t know if Jenny is dating Ben Gibbard or Jake Gyllenhaal these days. I know that’s all you people really want to know. That and whether she went topless in Foxfire.