New Final Fantasy – “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt”

Owen Pallett bravely battles the rain in this epic performance of a new Final Fantasy track, “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt.” It’ll ostensibly appear on the endlessly delayed (and desired) Heartland. With rain pounding the stage and concerned stage hands telling him to pull the plug and cover cables with plastic, Pallett requests “just let me finish this song” (later letting them know “just one more minute”), continuing to scissor his violin to the crowd’s obvious delight. (From certain angles, he looks like he’s piloting a boat through a storm.) The super clear footage was shot by Graeme Phillips, Mark Sloggett, and Jeff Mew. (Thanks for the tip, Colin.) It takes place at the Hillside Festival in Guelph, Ontario right before a rain delay. There should be a He Poos Clouds joke in here somewhere, I know.

Curious who had to follow that up when the rain finally stopped.