Once’s Indie Rockers Win 2008 Best Song Oscar

As far as predicting Best Song awards go, there’s little conventional wisdom to rely on aside from Randy Newman probably being nominated, and a song you probably don’t care about winning. Not so at all this year; no Randy Newman, and a song we’re not entirely apathetic about actually won. Really there was no contest: nothing against the ear droppings from Enchanted, et al, but when a tune provides the central axis for an entire narrative and captures a film’s overall message as did Once’s “Falling Slowly,” it shouldn’t even be a question. Thankfully, it wasn’t. The Frames’ Glen Hansard and girlfriend, Once co-star, and singing partner Marketa Irglóva took home the gold, and their acceptance speech(es) provided a night highlight. Glen delivered some touching words, and a sour note in Oscar history was avoided when Jon Stewart brought Marketa back out, after commercial break, to make right the orchestra’s ill-timed acceptance speech exit music. She says some nice things about independent musicians. Very awwww.

Soon thereafter the award was given for best soundtrack. If only Jonny Greenwood had been eligible, we could’ve had ourselves a pretty Gummy run at the Oscars for a few minutes. Still, that stretch was amongst the night’s highlights largely for Jon Stewart’s reactive wit; couldn’t find a YouTube that captured it (and unfortunately edited out of the one above), but after Glen’s moving and humble speech Stewart clapped, waited, and delivered: “Wow. That guy is so arrogant.”

Glen and Marketa weren’t the only Europeans winning big last night. Actually, it was practically only Europeans winning big last night: Daniel Day Lewis, Javier Bardem, Marion Cotillard (playing Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose), and Tilda Swinton, marking the first and only time since like the ’50s when all four major acting awards were taken by people with cooler accents than us. After the jump, last night’s performance of “Falling Slowly” as well as a few words from fellow Oscar winner Diablo Cody.

Colin Farrell is chuffed, which we’re pretty sure is a good thing:

Brought this to mind for a sec, no? Well another award you maybe care about went to Diablo Cody, who took the statue for Breast Screenplay. Not a typo.

This guy disagrees. Finally and in the show’s most tasteful superlative moment, Heath Ledger beat out Ingmar Bergman for Biggest RIP Montage Applause.