New frYars Video – “Olive Eyes”

Cheeky one-man BTW frYars, aka London youngster Ben Garrett, created, edited, and directed the cereal-slurping, split-screen video for “Olive Eyes.” Makes sense he’d do it all himself, since the song is ostensibly focused on the baby he wants to father with a gal — “You have a womb! / You shall deliver me a boy!” — who may or may not be related to him. What we do know is that the kid will have his eyes … and that frYars likes cereal.

“The night is young / refrain from lighting his cigar.” Not sure what that means, but it sounds sexy. Definitely one of Ben’s slinkier, strongest tracks. As previously reported, he’ll be playing some shows with Goldfrapp. A duet with Alison, perhaps? Yeah, she’s twice his age, but whatevah.

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