More Dead Rock Star Shoe Endorsements

Come on R.I.P.ped rockers, it’s getting really hard to keep track of this now. P4K reports that Ian Curtis and Sid Vicious will be amongst the artist-likenesses used to pimp Converses to people who prefer taking style tips from dead people. It’s part of the shoe company’s “Connectivity” campaign, “which gets its name by ‘visually “connecting” past and present Converse icons.'”

Doc Martens already used Sid (and Joey Ramone, Kurt Cobain) you’ll remember, though that was sort of without permission. (By “sort of” we mean “totally.”) But were we wrong to think Joy Division New Balance boys?

At least there is no confusion when it comes to still-alive rockers and their duds: Just one company at a time, ala Dino Jr and Nike. Scott actually owns the Dinosaur Jr SB Dunk high tops! His review: “They are comfortable and do not match anything.”