New Smashing Pumpkins Video – “SuperChrist”

We’ll spare you a little confusion over this video up front: No, those hirsute has-beens playing bass and tambourine aren’t in the Smashing Pumpkins. For that matter, “SuperChrist” isn’t even a song that appears on Zeitgeist. But this clip is making us wish both of those statements were true. “SuperChrist” is a Pumpkins tune that never made it to Billy and Jimmy’s last LP, instead seeing release on a CD “featuring bands staffed by employees of Guitar Center.” The Pumpkins chose the acts for the album, which according to Billboard will be available at Guitar Center outlets March 1st (ask a hirsute has-been staffer for it by name). Of the track’s delayed release, Billy says the band “didn’t … under[stand] the song and thought playing it on tour would help us sort it out” because of its “psychedelic” properties, which makes sense but also is sad because if “SuperChrist”‘s spare, heavy riffing sat alongside the more classic Pumpkins excellence of “That’s The Way (My Love Is)” maybe we would’ve been nicer about the album. (Probably not. But point is, we like it.)

Zeitgeist is out via Reprise.