Cat Power Does “New York” With Leno Watching

As previously mentioned, we aren’t the biggest fans of Jukebox, though it does have its moments. Namely when Chan’s doing her own songs. We’re fans of “Song To Bobby“‘s meta-Dylanisms and the remake of Moon Pix’s “Metal Heart.” Mostly it’s the covers we find boring, but one we do dig is her “New York.” As we wrote then: “Jukebox gets going really well … with a jazzy, smoky (a common theme on the record) rhythmically different and retooled ‘Theme From ‘New York, New York…” Chan made like Sinatra on Leno last night. She did a good job with it. It’s fun to see her feet continuously doing a little shuffle dance while, counter to that, her voice remains sultry and chill.

Too bad they didn’t let her ramble into “Ramblin’ (Wo)man.” What does she say to Wanda Sykes at the end? Maybe she wants to collaborate on a comedy record — because, come to think of it, although Chan can make it here and there and therefore anywhere, she never did make it into the cast of SNL.

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