New Gnarls Barkley Video (Feat. Justin Timberlake) – “Run”

Forever pop culture savvy, the odd couple of Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse draft Justin Timberlake (who’s showing a lot of his kebab online today) to play host of a TV dance party soundtracked by the tune’s retro party soul. Given, we couldn’t have asked for another “Crazy,” but this is pretty damn good.

Alongside the pop culture know how, of course, comes the attempts to dupe bloggers. The marketing team behind the album is circulating a rumor that “Run” failed the Harding Flash and Pattern Analyzer (used by broadcasters to ensure footage won’t induce seizures). Or at least we think that’s why someone sent us this…

Click to make it bigger. Also: That’s 52 frames of bullshit. Unless you just had a seizure, in which case we are assholes of epileptic proportions. Let us know how it goes. The Odd Couple is out 4/8 on Downtown.