Wilco, Juno, Hillary Visit Saturday Night Live

The revolving doors at 30 Rock gave passage this weekend to a varied set of Saturday Night Live guests: pro-Obama rockers Wilco, pro-Clinton politician Hillary Clinton, and pro-lesbian thespian Ellen Page. And after all that, it was a pretty weak episode. We mostly blame Ellen for that; that droll lifeless “I don’t want to be here” vibe isn’t just an act, it’s her only act, making for painful sketch comedy viewing. (OK she was pretty inspired during the lesbian sketch.) The hightlight, by far, was Tweedy, Glen, Nels, et al, first for a horny “Hate It Here”:

And then for “Walken” and its outstanding Tweedy suit:

Turns out Wilco can act, too. Check the promos.

Tweedy speaks!

Nice delivery. As mentioned, Hillary Clinton came by, with an editorial response to the opening sketch:

Nice and relaxed show of humor, Hill, and much less cringe-y than her last SNL-related debate appearance. We close with Samberg as Diablo Cody using the word blog too many times:

Next week: A band called Vampire Weekend.