New Pictureplane Video – “Trance Doll”

It’s fun when everyone here gets behind a breaking artist with the same degree of excitement. And so it is with Travis Egedy aka BTW Pictureplane, the Denver-based synth/noise/house alchemist who’s put out one of this year’s more carefully crafted yet surprisingly emotional dance LPs. We all have different singles we’ve gravitated to (“Goth Star” and “Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis)” have already appeared here), but I’m glad to see Travis put some promotional muscle behind “Trance Doll,” the low-tech deep house-then-blissy trance cut that first grabbed my ear. The video throws back to the era when the M in MTV meant something, and while its low fidelity print and effects aren’t as engaging as the song it soundtracks, they do fit the aesthetic of a DIY artist employing whatever means available to tease the past while crafting something new, and now.

(via P4K)

Pictureplane – “Trance Doll” (MP3)

Dark Rift is out via Love Pump.

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