ButterxFace Pays Tribute To MJ

Fellow Underwater Peoples enthusiasts ButterxFace have released their much anticipated (by me at least) scuzzy pop tribute to the King. You’re more than ready to take The Essential Michael Jackson off your iPod, so this collection is a welcome alternative. The comp’s called Chum Onah (as in “I’m bad, I’m bad / Chum onah”) and the girls at BxF describe it as “the music of a post-consumer-pop-icon as translated, sampled, rerecorded and conveyed through the voice of modern music’s finest bedroom savants.” There are some off-beat catalog choices, plus a pair of covers by Toro y Moi and Julian Lynch of “Human Nature,” which some people may not realize was written by the keyboardist from Toto? Now you know.

Toro Y Moi – “Human Nature” (MP3)
Julian Lynch – “Human Nature” (MP3)

Download the whole .zip here and listen while you admire your poster commemorative lithograph.