American Idol Brings Us A Grunge “Hello”

frame-by-frame analysis of the Prof. Richie-stalking-his-blind-student video, or find out about the “Hello” Project wherein sculptors were blindfolded and made to reconstruct the jeri-curled cranium of our man, or learn that Scott named his cat Lionel Richie? Hence J’s email this morning (Subject: Slackers):

I totally expected to see David Cook’s rocking version of “Hello” on Stereogum by 10:02pm last night.

Fair point, J. Our Lionel Richie TiVO alert didn’t catch that. But Cook’s judge-beloved grungy take (or in the words of the Dawg, “slightly emo version out of an extremely pop Lionel Richie song”) easily qualifies it for most Daughtryesque cover of Lionel Richie we’ve ever heard. So watch it and get used to his name for when he tops SoundScan next year.