Julian Casablancas’ “First On-Camera Interview In Three Years”

As mentioned, Julian Casablancas is releasing his debut 8-song solo full-length Phrazes For The Young this fall. To help get folks excited for it, he sat down for his first on-camera interview in three years to discuss the differences between recording solo and with a band (one is collaborative, one not so much), music he’s currently listening to (Beirut, Telepathe, Dirty Projectors, Beach House), what to expect from the Strokes’ eventual fourth record (it’ll be “pretty damn good…”), and etc. As far as Phrazes goals, he wants to inspire, of course, and “to capture the catchiness of modern music” but also “[get] at the power and seriousness of classical music or older music.” (Judging from an instrumental interlude, he’s not kidding.) Watch his hair blow in a gentle breeze while you take a listen.

There’ll be a “special series of U.S. dates” followed by an official solo tour later this year. Keep watch at juliancasablancas.com.