Trouble In Paradise

“As recently reported widely around the world there seems to be a lot of tension building between Britney Spears and her fiance Kevin Federline as pictured today. After a long weekend spent hidden away in their new paradise hideaway in the Malibu Hills with Britney playing mother and trying to look after Kevin’s daughter Kori the strain is starting to show. After an almost military operation to drop off Federline’s daughter to his ex Shar Jackson after the weekend was up, Kevin and Britney headed back to their Malibu house alone. On the way home they were closely observed and barely muttered two words to each other for the 30 minute drive with Kevin even closing his eyes in frustration when she did mutter something and with Britney seemingly reading the same page of a tabloid magazine for the entire trip home.”

Then they made it a Blockbuster night.

Tags: Bright Eyes