Henry Rollins Makes Coffee, Gets Pestered, Enjoys It All

Damn this perverse pleasure we take from the perverse pleasure Henry takes from being nagged to no end by Heidi May. It’s the entire thrust of these clips of the month Rollins keeps posting: Heidi yaps and tries to agitate Rollins while holding a camera to his face, and Henry becomes increasingly saintly in our eyes for his tolerance to the inanity. And it’s all oddly amusing. This time? Henry’s making coffee! Did you need to see how Black Flag man takes his coffee (umm, black obvs)? No, but here it’s the internet so that information is available to you now. Enjoy. Also for the voyeurs out there who weren’t satisfied only knowing the contents of Henry’s freezer (frozen rats and snakes), now you get to know what’s in his fridge. “You just like to torment yourself,” Heidi blurts. “You’re delightful,” Rollins replies later. Don’t try and figure out their dynamic, just watch. (Thank you Whit.)