Things look different on Stereogum! The day before SXSW is as good a time as any to launch a redesign [Oh wait, no it’s not. Dammit.]. Hope you enjoy the improved navigation and community features. You’ll notice that the page is now formatted especially for people who live in 2008. Also, we cleaned up the logo and … removed the headphones. We’ve been itching to do that for a while. Most important: you can now have a user profile. Go here to register your name and upload a clever avatar before someone beats you to it. As part of the upgrade, we’ve added nested comment functionality (respond to someone’s comment and your reply will be indented underneath) and comment ranking. Additional community features will be rolled out in the near future. You can still comment anonymously, but registered users’ comments will appear in darker text, and thus be taken more seriously or something like that! We are already getting some valuable feedback, so thanks. Keep it coming. There are still some bugs being exterminated, but if you have any technical problems, do post ‘em in the comments or contact [email protected]