New Jarvis Cocker – “Girls Like It Too” (Live in Buenos Aires)

Looks like we have to go all the way to Argentina to hear the new cheekily titled Cocker tune, “Girls Like It Too.” Or, let somebody else go and check their YouTube. (Thanks for the tip, Lucas.) Jarvis knows his audience and surroundings well, peppering the background info on the boy/girl narrative with Argentinean slang terms, “chabon” and “mina.” See, the chabon is really drunk and can’t remember what happened, if anything. “Or, if it did happen, it certainly didn’t last very long,” quoth the Cocker. Then comes the anthem. (Wow, we just had a lot of unintended innuendo there.)

We’re looking forward to hearing a recorded version. Though we will miss all those Argentinian cheers.