R.E.M. Demonstrates That “Living Well Is The Best Revenge” For La Blogothèque

Michael Stipe is no longer the most obviously but still unofficially gay person in the world music. And we’re celebrating that out coming by alerting you to R.E.M.’s filmic collab with Vincent Moon in the back of a car, VMPRWKND style. This is Stipe & Co.’s second video with Moon, but unlike the first (which was all over the LES), this one’s proper Take Away style, live and one take, with just a few routine deviations: Jacknife does the sound, and when they’re done they decide to “go straight to [Stipe’s] house.” Guess that’s the benefit of filming in Athens. When we asked Fluxblog to prematurely Accelerate, he said of “Living Well”:

Basically, this is the band coming out swinging, with a tight, fast rocker that quickly establishes the aggressive, defiant tone of the album.

This version may be acoustic with steering wheel percussion, but it’s still fast enough to fog up the windows. It’s yours for free download at iTunes.