The Gutter Twins Offer Letterman Their “Idle Hands”

Dave shows his soft spot for good rock here and there, so we weren’t surprised to see him tip his cap to Dulli and Lanegan’s rough and road-grizzled, shit-kicking tough-love anthem “Idle Hands” last night. The so-called ‘Satanic Everly Brothers’ floored us with the song a few months ago, and here they remind us and everyone else too lazy to have seen them in a rock club near you why vets do it better. It sounds like the tune kicks in with pre-recorded shouts at the devil, but from there the swarthy and shadowy come-ons are live and tight.

Dave if you did go on the road with them, that’s a tour documentary we would definitely watch. Here, it’s an MP3 worth having:

The Gutter Twins – “Idle Hands” (MP3)

You can hear more of the Screaming/Whigs twins’ shady anthems at MySpace. Saturnalia is out now via Sub Pop.