New Antlers Video – “Two”

When I spoke with Antlers’ frontman Peter Silberman about his graphic design day job I asked him, considering the name and themes of Hospice, whether or not he had any past experience caring for the sick:

I think I’ve found myself in relationships that have felt more like jobs, staggeringly uneven amounts of taking care of another person. One of those involved a lot of time in a hospital. That’s where the record came from. Sometimes we were in a hospital, and often times the hospital followed us home.

That info adds another layer to the Brooklyn trio’s animated Ethan Segal and Albert Thrower-directed “Two” video. The clips finds each Antler performing the heartbreaking song alone in his respective apartment: Colorful shapes emerge from their instruments and leak out into the city, like the music’s supposed to fill up as many empty spaces as possible. When that doesn’t do the trick, the Silberman figure gets all torn up.

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“There was glass inside my feet / And raining down from the ceiling, / It opened up the scars / that had just finished healing”:

The Antlers – “Two” (MP3)

Hospice is out via Frenchkiss.

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