New Excepter Video – “Kill People”

In their newest expanded form, Brooklyn weirdos and hard workers Excepter have upped the madness of their already aesthetically specific John Fell Ryan-directed videos. It was great watching them with a giant hunk of meat for “Burgers,” and now they’re out to “Kill People.” To refresh your memory, in JFR’s Debt Dept notes he explained the track: “Originally titled ‘Guns and Roses,’ this workout brings to mind the old NRA clause, here reduced to its essential conclusion.”

If those images of DJ Porkchop doing occult stuff with a skull are too creepy for you, we still have the track in take-home version. OK, to be fair to Porkchop, there are plenty of things to give shivers in this one: Like a bleeding and duct-taped Dan Hougland, the bloody tears, that ancient computer animation, the song itself. Excepter rules.

Dept Dept is out today (3/25) on Paw Tracks.

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