New Dan Deacon Video – “Paddling Ghost”

Yes, this finger-puppeteered clip for “Paddling Ghost” features a cutely expressive puppet paddling ghost, but it also has a few moments of a scaled-down and fingered Dan Deacon, and that is really something special. Bromst’s symphonically blipped standout serves as the soundtrack to a story of an eye-patched ghost traveling through the clouds, water, and desert for a treasure guarded by a pirate (who appears in time to mouth “Paddling Ghost”‘s less chipmunked/more yo-ho-ho chant refrains). Puppets being what they are, we can be certain Dan is not on acid during this one, either. Fairly certain.

(via P4K)

Bromst is out via Carpark. Here’s one from it for you:

Dan Deacon – “Get Older” (MP3)

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