Brendan Benson Gets “A Whole Lot Better” With Letterman

Surprising nobody, folks are more keyed in to the fact that Brendan Benson has released a solo album this time around. His last three LPs paved the way for successful runs with the Raconteurs, and in turn that fun with Jack has paved the way for the Michigan songsmith’s appearance at the Ed Sullivan Theatre Friday under his own name. A few notes: Brendan and band make good work of “A Whole Lot Better”‘s ’70s feeling, sweet-laced classic/power-pop; his voice gets some great showcasing in the second half of the song; he is a very thin man with sharp suits; and this is precisely the sort of music that steams Dave’s specs, so both he and Paul give the band a nice endorsement after it’s through. Which is deserved.

My Old, Familiar Friend is out via ATO.