New B-52s Video – “Funplex”

We first heard “Funplex” in its Fred Schneider-skimpy iTunes sample. Luckily, in the video for the track, we get to see our favorite B-52 adeptly driving around on a Segway (biggie drink in tote), harassing the gals in a food court, bashing hippies, and otherwise doing his “Faster Pussycat” thing amongst various chain-store shoppers. We’ll go on record as saying “Hot Corner“‘s the better song (“tragically hot, show what you got!”), but “Funplex” gives the party-ready Athenians an excuse to go to the mall.

Maybe not as down-home cozy as a “Love Shack,” but the graininess of MySpace video does allow them to look like they haven’t aged since Cosmic Thing.

Funplex is out on Astralwerks.

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