New Live Under Byen Videos – The Siamesisk Live EP

More news from BTW alums: Earlier this year we learned of a very special one-time concert featuring Danish cinematic art-rockers Under Byen with accompaniment from the Danish Radio Sinfonietta. 1500 people were lucky enough to be there; for the rest of us, there was the Siamesisk EP, capturing five tracks from the band’s catalog, rearranged and bolstered by the 42-piece orchestra. We posted that night’s take on “Plantage” then. Now we have the best way for you to kill time the afternoon with video of the entire EP, documented here via professional, multi-camera footage. So kick back and engage your bandwidth for a dramatic and sultry night at the theater.


Yes. More of the EP awaits.

“Af Samme Stof som Stof”




Siamesisk is out via Paper Bag.

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