6. Evangelicals – “You’ve Been Flirting Again”

Evangelicals On “You’ve Been Flirting Again”
“This is a mysterious song, I think. It’s unclear who the ‘you’ in the title is and and the string arrangements hint that lyrics like ‘How you reacted was good’ aren’t quite what they seem. Is this Björk talking to an ex-boyfriend, saying ‘hey, it’s good to see ya gettin out there and playing the field again’? Maybe she’s trying to tell a dude putting the moves on her to be patient ’cause ya know, she’s Björk.

I’m not sure of her intentions but on the particular night our version was recorded I imagined what if, despite how beautiful the song is, she was really seething at seeing an ex flirt with someone she knows at a party in Iceland. In Björk’s version she controls her raging jealousy at witnessing such a a situation, but in our version the narrator (Björk or whoever really) slowly comes unglued and ends up freaking out and going on a murderous rampage at the party. We tried illustrating this with string stabs and creepy ‘witch’ voices swirling around towards the end.”
- Josh Jones

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