Old Folks Review Radiohead

Radiohead sneezes, the Internet sees crazy spikes in traffic. That goes for all your favorite music sites, for all your favorite Radiohead prank sites, and yes even for the Old Folk’s Review music series. Because as annoying as what’s-her-name (I know her name) is, like you’re not going to watch what the Breakfast At Sulimay’s folks have to say about “These Are My Twisted Words.” Right? Right. (Also they take on Amanda Blank’s crotch rap, and also take it easy on it because she’s from Philly like they are, and apparently they’re all friends? I would buy Joe’s bran muffins for a week if I could be at one of those hang sessions.) Re: Radiohead, Bill gets in a servicable zing (“What’s he saying? I have a hearing problem, thank god”) and Joe continues to be the best.

Ann says all the wrong info about the Radiohead song, but for once you can’t blame her — seems like a producer read the Internet wrong. Here’s “Harry Patch (In Memory Of),” Curves.