Kids In Philly

You Philly kids have a lovely city. Thanks Selena, Jess and Jill for the eating and lodging suggestions. Highlights…

  • Tritone seemed like it could be a cool bar except it was empty when we were there. There were two DJs spinning for five customers.
  • For quenching thirst, we liked Jones’ “bug juice,” but not Miss Tootsie’s super-sweet iced tea that we had to dilute with a glass of water.
  • At AKA Music we bought Sahara Hotnights, which we later learned cannot be ripped into MP3s! WTF RCA? Also two guys browsing the used CDs were talking about blogs. Your indie record stores are as dorky as ours.
  • Mütter Museum has freakish anatomical specimens and antique medical instruments. And a massive colon eight feet in circumference.
  • Liberty Bell = totally cracked. Crack is whack.
And yes, we went to South Street for some cheesesteaks. After some debate, we settled on Ishkabibble’s, the preferred cheesesteak vendor of Weird Al and Keith Sweat.

Here’s Mr. Ishkabibble making our sandwiches.

Ish told us Usher once came in and ate two cheesesteaks! Ugh YEAH!

Coincidentally Real World: Philadelphia premieres tonight. We hope there’s an episode about the Lewis & Clark exhibit at the Mütter. The RW house was at Third and Arch Streets in Old City, but we didn’t visit it.

Finally here’s a track from one of my favorite Philly bands. Roots-rockers Marah have been around for a decade, but got a lot of attention earlier this year when author Nick Hornby raved about them in The Believer. Singer/guitarist Dave Bielanko channels his hero Bruce Springsteen throughout the brilliant Kids In Philly from 2000, and even convinced the Boss to play on their follow-up album. My coworker (from Philly) is obsessed with this band and once lent me a pile of live concert bootlegs. I’ve been a bit Marah’d out ever since. But I’ll never get sick of “Round Eye Blues,” a rollicking Vietnam anthem that morphs into the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby.” It’s Marah’s best song.

Marah – “Round Eye Blues”

Buy Kids In Philly here.

Here’s a picture of the lead singer.