New Au – “RR Vs. D”

Indie rock is doing amazing things in service of the parts of speech and grammar in general these days. Vampire Weekend is through with oxford commas, No Age is 100% pro Nouns, and now we learn Oregonian psych-folk troupe Au will be crusading on behalf of Verbs. It’s been awhile since that lucky promo-excavating day turned up the dual gems “Sum” and “Boute” from Luke Wyland’s Au (pronounced “Ay You,” in case you forgot) troupe about a year back. New tune “RR vs. D,” from the forthcoming Verbs LP shows Luke is perhaps weaning himself off the Animal Collective a bit, although not animals in general: after a first movement of handclaps, dirty projecting female vocals, and happy trilling pianos, “RR vs. D” becomes a big brassy trip to Ringling Bros.

Au – “RR vs. D” (MP3)

Sounds like they’re trading the sunshower sounds for something more grounded. We’re thinking this next round of promo shots won’t find the guys heads’ in the clouds. Here’s a lump of “Sum”:

Au – “Sum” (MP3)

More old stuff here. Verbs is out 6/26 on Agoo.

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