Ryan Adams Writes A Song To Deny His Blog’s Bipolarity, Posts Updates On New LP

Ry’s diarrheal songwriting habits, love of joke tunes, and general internet addiction make him a prime candidate for writing and posting songs about his website. He’s actually already written a song about his website before, but this time it’s about his Tumblr blog. In defense of it, actually.

Since most of the Tumblr community “Follows” Ryan, most of the Tumblr community wakes to find their Dashboard hijacked by Ry’s feed: the daily regimen consists of three-to-eight pictures of himself and/or the fruits of his shopping sprees in NYC; responding to bloggers accusing his blog or being bipolar; and posting pictures of polar bears staring at its own reflection (“bi-polar,” get it?). And there’s also myriad capsule reviews of books and films and artists, zany screeds suggesting maybe he is bipolar, posts claiming the eccentricity’s all an act, etc. But it’s the bipolar thing that’s really got to him.

So he wrote a song.

It starts “Stop calling my blog bi-polar / I have ups and downs like you / I’m just trying to feel normal…” Most of our blogger friends are pretty insane, Ryan, so you fit in. But also, most of our blogger friends can’t make a song about it sound this good. So, you remain a freak.

Ryan Adams – “My Blog, Foggy” (MP3)

“Write a record … then I blog it, in between my shopping.” See, told ya. Also from now on if you are going to slag off Ry’s Tumblr, don’t call it bipolar; its name is Foggy.

Now for some substantive Ryan Adams music news. The new record is written! And so is Version Two of the new record. And it seems like there will probably be a few more to go. Working titles of what he’s got so far:

01 “Disappearing Act”
02 “Crossed-Out Name”
03 “Allumette”
04 “Something Sweet”
05 “Im Sorry of “Sorry”
06 “Bad Dreams”
07 “Put it In Reverse”
08 “I’m Rags”
09 “I See A RainyFace”
10 “Damage Me”
11 “Roll Credits”
12 “Betray”
13 “Sinking Ships”
14 “I Made My Bed”
15 “Kate”
16 “Run For Your Life”
17 “Blank Pages”

He’s keeping us informed with updates on the album’s progress. Further, if you head over now you can see pics illustrating how Ry’s apartment is cooler than yours, and you can learn that he’s super psyched about the new Mariah record, Foggy. As we know he’s an avowed fickleblogger, so no promises that any of this stuff will be around for long.

UPDATE: That didn’t take long. It looks like maybe the Tumblr’s come to its end. Just in case he deletes all the archives here’s the sign off:


GOODBYE FOR NOW FOGGY. WE DID GOOD THINGS TOGETHER YOU AND ME! Now, it is off to the mountains with you, and for me, it is into the valley. Where I will meet my brothers in arms, and we will forge ahead anew. GOODBYE BLOG. STAY SWEET. and THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO GOT ANYTHING POSITIVE FOR THIS. It was a social experiment. Like I was just an experiment. In having a one way relationship with others, an owing something to that. To betray.

But everything here was a REPLICA of me. A paradox. A mask. Can you forgive that? You should. It was an art piece. And this was the piece.

Our silent interaction. Now it is time to let it “become” something. So goodbye, and sweet dreams DREAM-LAND, FICKLE-BLOGGING, and FOGGY. I will miss you most Foggy…. You will always be my own little bear. But not.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” A.Einsten

We’ll miss you, Foggy.

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