New Basement Jaxx Video – “Feeling’s Gone”

When posting about Basement Jaxx’s upcoming North American DJ Tour, I mentioned not to expect a pitch-perfect version of “Feeling’s Gone” because the guys will ostensibly be focused on spinning records, not recreating Scars. That said, the song is Scars’ next single, so there’s a pitch-perfect version of it in this playful video that finds guest vocalist Sam Sparrow alone in outerspace until he’s ejected from his ship, joining the group and their creepy puppet hands to get soulful on us.

(Via P4K)

Here’s an acoustic take on “Feeling’s Gone” sans Sam. It was recorded in the 3FM studios at last week’s Lowlands Festival.

The North American DJ dates:

10/30 – San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace (Live 105 event) ?
10/31 – Los Angeles, CA @ HARD Haunted Mansion party
?11/03 – Toronto, ON @ Century Room
?11/06 – Chicago, IL @ Congress Theatre ?
11/07 – New York, NY @ Santos Party House

Scars is out 10/6 via XL/Ultra.