New Pictureplane Video – “Goth Star” (Stereogum Premiere)

We’ve run through the core components of Travis Egedy aka BTW Pictureplane’s one-man beatmaking brew: deep blend house, noise, synth pop, darkwave, psychedelia, world music, and most excellently, actual emotion. The stellar “Goth Star,” an echoing and vocal-sampled comedown cut perfect for an after-hours dancefloor bliss out, is the next Dark Rift LP single to get a video, directed here by Sterling Crispin. And like “Trance Doll” it fits Pictureplane’s low-tech approach — noisy VHS film and superimposed images of Stevie Nicks, candle-lit seances, and a bunch of etc. designed to get you thinking non-linearly, or maybe not thinking at all, and just feeling. Or it could just be a bunch of disassociated images on shitty film print. It’s up to you. After you watch.

Pictureplane – “Goth Star” (MP3)

Dark Rift is out via Lovepump.