New Blind Man’s Colour Video – “Warm Currents Pull” (Stereogum Premiere)

Florida-based Animal Collective acolytes Blind Man’s Colour clearly aren’t concerned with sidestepping associations with their forerunners. I say that because they did that covers comp Collected Animals, and also because I have heard and now seen “Warm Currents Pull,” a colourfully sunny and psychedelic standout from the duo’s debut LP Seasons Dreaming. As we noted some time back, “you can’t escape talking about watery things with BMC,” and that’s especially so when their song sounds and titles are submerged in warm currents like this one. The duo splash in crystalline pools, get bathed in rainbow projections, multiply across the screen in psylocybic ways. It’s a last gasp from a dying summer, and none too shy about its underwater bunker vibe.

Blind Man’s Colour – “Warm Currents Pull” (MP3)

Seasons Dreaming is out via Kanine.