New Sufjan Stevens Video – “Interlude I – Dream Sequence In Subi Circumnavigation” (From The BQE)

After its initial three-night run at BAM and the subsequent DVD’s brief trailer, you’re likely more than familiar with Sufjan Stevens The BQE. Stevens will be at ATP NY this weekend, so here’s some more dreamy footage from the hula-hooping/wheel-spinning ode to the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. The photography’s by Reuben Kleiner and Sufjan Stevens. Stevens edited it together.

Sufjan Stevens – “Movement VI: Isorhythmic Night Dance With Interchanges” (MP3)

The BQE is out 10/20 via Asthmatic Kitty. Shortly after the release, on 10/24, 92YTribeca is hosting a screening. Stevens will be there to introduce it and the Osso Quartet will perform Run Rabbit Run selections. If you miss that, chances are you can catch Sufjan on his fall tour with Cryptacize.