Sleigh Bells Reign Of Terror Album Trailer

Here it is, the opening salvo to Sleigh Bells’ second LP in their ongoing campaign to punish earplugs and epileptics worldwide. With Treats, Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller bottled the visceral crush of in-the-red guitars and distorto-beats, the punk/hop snarl and playground pop coos that brought them the BTW; earlier this year, they’d promised a followup with an “immense” sound that couldn’t be cast off as merely “party” music. This two-and-a-half minute trailer is all tense and hard guitar-based instrumental, sans vocals, with shots of Alexis’s shiny hair, goof-off behind-the-scenes camcorder footage, and new varsity and military-chic jackets. I don’t know where this leaves the BELLS jersey, the ever-present Ray Bans, or the old varsity jackets, but the little we have here by way of sound and aesthetic is at least promising.

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