Anniemal Collective

Last night I saw my friend Jed perform improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. He just finished the 3rd level course which teaches the Harold. Jed was the best one in the class, but there were a few other very funny people. Maybe we’ll be seeing them talk about pop culture on basic cable in the near future. Good luck kids! In college Jed and I did a photo shoot for our humor magazine that involved Jed in a gorilla costume and me in a pirate costume. We got kicked out of the mall, but it was fun. In lieu of linking to Jed’s blog (he doesn’t have one), he suggested I plug his friend’s site

Now, music talk:

Huge thanks to Matthew and Jere for getting me hooked on Annie. The Norwegian disco princess, not the musical.

“Chewing Gum” is the first single from Annie’s forthcoming Anniemal CD (don’t know if a stateside release is planned). It’s got a rad video you can watch in Windows Media: Hi | Lo

“Me Plus One” is even more infectious. Matthew rightly notes it should be called “Kylie Times Ten.”

Annie – “Me Plus One”

If that ain’t your thing, Nick’s got the brizzand nizzew Destiny’s Child single and Fluxblog’s got a kick-ass “Kung-Fu Fighting” remix (it’s good, I swear).

Anyway, that’s enough pop music blogging for one day. I owe you guys some serious Music. So the next MP3 post will be about the awesomeness that will be rocking my world Friday night. They’re called Drive-By Truckers.