New Sally Shapiro Video “Miracle” – (Stereogum Premiere)

When we premiered Sally Shapiro’s “Miracle,” she gave us a bit of background on My Guilty Pleasure’s first single that understandably ties into its accompanying video. As far as the talking that unleashes the thunder storm:

It’s the start of a letter to the lost partner, who is from France. One of those letters where you write “It’s not that I want to bring us back together” even though that’s what you want.

The stormy backdrop?

It’s a dramatic song and it sort of strengthened the drama … We love musicals where the feeling of the songs are amplified by the weather or other things happening around. It’s cheesy but good. Maybe it would be nice to do a whole musical some time.

The beautifully shot Will Joines-directed clip isn’t exactly a musical, but the relationship drama’s captured believably via headphones, distance, and the moments of proximity essential to this sort of thing.

My Guilty Pleasure is out via Paper Bag. We’re moving into the fall, but don’t forget about “Love In July” in all its forms.