Best Surreal Life Lovebirds Ever

A few weeks ago, I found myself with Flavor Flav at a Times Square recording studio, trying to get the Public Enemy wildman to record some cool voice-overs for The Surreal Life. I handed him a sheet with some sentences I wanted him to adlib with. But I made a big faux-pas by spelling his name “Flava.” Apparently he hates that. I blamed the typo on someone else, and then we were cool. He dubbed me Great Scott. He had a lot of energy. And a big clock around his neck.

Anyway Flav and his Surreal Life love interest Brigitte Nielson are gonna be panelists on the season premiere of Best Week Ever tonight. I will be at the Drive-By Truckers show, but I’m gonna DVR it and I suggest you do the same. Their BWE interview was so bananas we had to put the whole thing on the Internet for you. Check out the chemistry between Flav and Brigitte. I could watch them for hours! Do I smell spin-off?