Will & Grace Cast Plugs New CD

Did anyone catch that few minutes of “Take Me Out” on Joey last night? NBC is trying to tell us

Joey : Franz Ferdinand

Will & Grace with J. Lo was pretty funny too. So many pop culture references, it’s gonna be the most dated sitcom episode ever when we see it in syndication in ten years.

Anyway, the W&G cast hit Barnes & Noble in Union Square yesterday to plug their new book and CD. Stereogum TV correspondant Kangaroo Kevan reports…

When the cast finally arrived, there was a row of press photographers in the front row, standing on chairs and blocking everyone’s view. People in the audience were shrieking, “I love you [Eric/Debra/Megan/Sean]” or “You’re all so gorgeous!” Thousands of flashes were going off, but no one could really see the cast because of the press in front, so after a few minutes the store announced that the press opportunity was over, and asked the photographers to leave. But they wouldn’t. They just kept taking pictures and asking for more poses. Finally Eric McCormack got up, starting waving his arm at them, and said, “Come on guys. You’ve had enough already. Let everyone else have a chance.”

They requested no photographs while on the stage, since there wouldn’t be time for everyone to have posed photographs. But lots of people ignored this, and the cast had a hard time saying no. The store shooed most of the rule-breakers away, but a kid in a wheelchair and two cops were given all the time they wanted to take posed photographs. Debra Messing was also very friendly, and also beautiful in person. She doesn’t at all look like she just had a baby. In the end, I got a bunch of pictures of them and they all signed my book, but it would have been nice to get a photo with the four of them. I guess next time I should bring my wheelchair and cop uniform.

Did you like this entry? Kevan goes to shit like this every other day. Maybe it should be a recurring feature. Also Kevan’s friend BJ is going to be a cast member of The Office and not just a writer, so that’s pretty fucking cool.