New Kings Of Convenience Video – “Boat Behind”

The Kings don’t play (word) games. Declaration Of Dependence’s first track to get a video comes right out with it: “So we meet again, after several years of separation.” Five of them, actually, a period of time that saw Erlend Øye prove there was no one whiter (or into sparse, heavy-lidded funk) while a gradually intensifying clamor built for his and Eirik Glambek Bøe’s anything-but-intensifying, silken folk. For their part they bridged the gap with reports of progress and postcards from Bergen, but it was the Kings’ first show in NYC in ages (Feist in tow) that was the real reunion. That and this clip, which sees the two picking up irresistible hitchhikers in a car cruising with a, yup, boat behind. OK so maybe they do play word games.

Declaration Of Dependence is out 10/20 via Virgin.