New Hush Arbors Video – “The Devil Made You High”

Hush Arbors, aka James Toth/Six Organs Of Admittance pal and occasional Current 93 player Keith Wood, is releasing Yankee Reality next month. It’s his second full-length for Ecstatic Peace, but his extensive back catalog stretches from loner-psych CDR to the more recent fully banded material. The new tracks, dedicated to Link Wray, include some of his most propulsive work: Listening to closer “Devil Made You High” for the first time, I thought of Dinosaur. Reading the liner notes, turns out J Mascis co-produced the 10 songs, contributes drums to one, guitar to two, and mellotron to another. More generally, Wood’s backed by a three-piece pack of multi-instrumentalists: They’re the ones who tear things up on “Devil.” Its chaotic video was directed by Wood with Lizzie Oswell: You gets lots of fuzzed-out grass, flowers, and trees, along with a subliminal bloody mouth.

“Step outside this moment / And see yourself in mine / See that these light are golden / Come stay for awhile”:

Hush Arbors – “Devil Made You High” (MP3)
Hush Arbors – “Day Before” (MP3)

Yankee Reality is out 10/6 via Ecstatic Peace.

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