New Lightning Dust Video – “Never Seen” (Stereogum Premiere)

Amber Webber’s quavering siren moan steals every moment of “Never Seen,” the second single from Lightning Dust’s lovely Infinite Light LP. But while she chews the scenery in song, she’s never seen in its video (neither is her LD counterpart, Black Mountaineer Joshua Wells, for that matter). The pair let their haunting-then-Siouxsee keyboards and wails take a back seat to a glimpse of a little girl, in a back seat of her own: a van with mushroomy interior, a creepy chauffeur, and a destination that lets her coast as beautifully as the track’s mellow, dramatic exeunt. By the end that creepy faced dude seems like a caretaking hero, and now I want to go roller skating.

Lightning Dust – “Never Seen” (MP3)

Infinite Light is out via Jagjaguwar.