New Cursive Video – “Let Me Up” (Stereogum Premiere)

When posting the clip for Mama, I’m Swollen’s “I Couldn’t Love You,” we said that no matter the quality of song, “Cursive deserve a warm pat on the back for their ambitious, high-concept (and narrative) videos.” Well “Let Me Up” runs next to the outstandingFrom The Hips” in terms of standouts from the band’s sixth album, but it is simply unparalleled in the band’s career for the transcendence of this Evan Glodell-directed video. In fact, as far as transcendence goes, it’s probably the most transcendent video you’ve seen in awhile. The most ascendant, anyway. It is ambitious, and high concept, and pretty narrative, featuring dead bodies, bodies of water, cars on fire, and a visual sequence that mirrors the track’s hallowed, theatrical climax. A sequence that I won’t ruin, other to say it is sorta epic, and you sorta must watch.

Right. Mama, I’m Swollen is out via Saddle Creek.

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