Thom Yorke Does “Reckoner” For The Age Of Stupid

During one of our endless pitstops along the way to rounding up Thom’s incessant activity of late (Editor’s Note: Not complaining), we told you to keep your eyes peeled for The Age Of Stupid’s premiere and panel discussion event on 9/21, which promised Kofi Annan, Gillian Anderson, and a Mr. Yorke acoustic performance. Except that was more a figure of speech because obviously we were going to keep our eyes peeled for you. Reportedly the Radiohead fountainhead was meant to perform the global warming docudrama’s title track (Thom hates global warming, FYI), but instead we got a solo version of “Reckoner.” Solo, which is Thom’s mode of choice these days. Anyway this take on “Reckoner” is enough to take anyone’s breath away. A vampire’s even.

The Age Of Stupid is out internationally. Here’s a trailer: