Go Find The Go Find (And The Go! Team)

The Go Find is the alter ego of 28 year old Antwerp knob-twiddler Dieter Sermeus. Like The Postal Service’s sleeper Give Up, Go Find’s Miami is a winning blend of melancholy electronic soundscapes and irresistable vocal hooks (i.e., these are songs, not muzak), with subtle acoustic guitar thrown in for good measure. Dieter’s voice never really takes center stage, it’s more of a vibey album. But highly recommended if you like indie electropop like TPS or The Notwist.

The Go Find – “Igloo”
The Go Find – “Over The Edge”

You can sample more songs at the Morr Music label site.

I ended up buying this album by default over the weekend. I was at Kim’s on St. Marks on a mission to find the Morr’s Japan-only 2004 tour CD, but it wasn’t in stock. It’s got Styrofoam covering Elliott Smith and Sebadoh. Check out a two minute stream (Real Audio):

Styrofoam – “Between The Bars” (Elliott Smith cover)

Also rocking the iPod, and I don’t mean to confuse you here, is The Go! Team. You can learn about and listen to the band at Music For Robots (also you’ll want to track down the tune “The Power Is On”). It’s audio ecstasy.