Lower Dens – “Brains”

Jana Hunter’s has longtime admirers here, since back in her pizza-slinging days. I didn’t even realize she had a new band until hearing (not seeing, mind) Lower Dens open for Double Dagger and Future Islands in a very crowded Death By Audio last May; the next day this project was a Band To Watch, and over the ensuing months Lower Dens would reveal, and revel, in their stately, smokey twin-guitared Twin-Hand Movement LP on Devendra and Andy Cabric’s Gnomonsong.

For Lower Dens era-2012, the Baltimore-based quartet has left that freak-folk outpost for the Domino-affiliated label Ribbon Music, which you may remember from recent conquests like John Maus, Black Dice, or our CMJ Party. The band has also moved from man-of-the-moment producer/mixer Chris Coady, who brought a Baltimorean Beach Housed dreamy smoulder to bear on Twin-Hand, to producer Drew Brown, whose engineering credits include Radiohead, Sandro Perri, Beck, and Blonde Redhead). And so the shoegaze-inspired dreaminess lives on, but there’s a newer German accent at play, at least here on Lower Dens’ new single “Brains,” which chugs along with the specter of motorik, and anxious synths that cut through the lude-dosed guitars. It’s a great twist, and a great track, so please download it:

Lower Dens – “Brains”
(via lowerdens.com)

Lower Dens’ second LP Nootropics is out 5/1 via Ribbon Music.

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