The ‘Gum Drop CVIII: Hear New Lightning Bolt, Win An Eels Box Set & Poster

Lightning Bolt’s fifth album Garden Of Earthly Delights (Load, 10/13) opens like a riot with “Sound Guardians.” It’s the perfect place to get acquainted with the collection, so we asked drummer Brian Chippendale about it. You’ve heard “Colossus,” now hear Chippendale talk about how he and Brian Gibson arrive at song titles (hint: Soundgarden and the Boredoms are involved), why they put “Sound Guardians” first, and whether or not their new Garden was inspired by the 15th/16th-century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. We didn’t have enough room for his ruminations in the ‘Gum Drop, but you can read it all here, while you give your eardrums a workout.

STEREOGUM: How’d you come up with the title? Are you the guardians of sound?

BRIAN CHIPPENDALE: Ha. We are … not … the guardians of sound. If anything we only have a dialogue with a limited palette of sounds. Honestly, the song when we first wrote it sounded like a Soundgarden song. We tend to have working titles based on the song’s sound that morph into the actual title. “Nation Of Boar,” the Boredoms sounding song? Am I giving way too much away here?

STEREOGUM: How’d you decide to make it Earthly Delights’s opener?

BC: It is the opener because of its own opening sound. We both agreed that the introductory sort of sonic-wah over the steady tom beat was one of the coolest moments on the album, so we stuck it right in the beginning.

STEREOGUM: Are you referencing Hieronymus Bosch with the album name/cover art?

BC: It’s a slight reference. But I would hesitate to say it’s fully a reference especially because the art isn’t really remotely related. But I did sneak one character, an abstract one the Bosch painting into the inner art of the album. You can have a where’s Waldo moment with it when the record comes out Though, it could be a reference in that Garden Of Earthly Delights is one of the best paintings ever — so not a bad crutch to prop yourself up on, related or not.


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