New Black Lips Video – “Let It Grow”

Black Lips have broken up their recent bloglines dominance in helping Wavves turn indie rock into high school with this new video from their ’09 LP 200 Million Thousand. “Let It Grow” hits its bloodshot-eyed stride early and does little to shift course over three minutes of ramshackle gutter punk, but its Matt Dilmore-directed video evolves as it rolls: a heavyset tourist with a cosmic appetite goes on a gonzo roadtrip, camera in hand, starting simple before paying homage to various astronautical attractions including a UFO museum, a memorial for a space chimp, and a street parade of oddballs with an abiding love for alien couture. He’s right at home there, probably thanks to his space helmet, definitely thanks to the mushrooms that keep blooming all over his face.

(via P4K)

200 Million Thousand is out via Die Slaughterhaus/Vice Music.

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